We are a small organisation with the the vision of global reach and to work with leading business organisation. CPN partners play a critical role in helping organizations of all sizes identify. Our partners provide essential support, expertise & outreach to the our valuable clients.

WebDaki, USA

WebDaki Alliance is a group of highly skilled creative professional in the field of new Online Media. We have been in operation since 1994 and have always stayed ahead of the curve. From being laughed out of Real Estate offices in the 1990's claiming that "The Internet will Never play a role in Real Estate Sales " to forging new ground in the Video Documentary genre, including opening Virgin America's DOC TV with our three films, we have helped hundreds of clients to achieve their Internet Marketing goals.

TrekTraka, Australia

TrekTraka is the world's first social media marketing system and for the Adventure Travel Industry. TrekTraka taps into the existing social media networks of trekkers bringing sales leads straight back to the tour operator's website. Before even signing up for an Adventure trek, tour or cruise, today’s Adventure Traveller is already deeply socially networked, with dozens and even hundreds of contacts on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, amongst other social media platforms. Adventure Travellers, like most travellers, want to share their travel experiences and photos along the way, even from the most remote parts of the world. Now Adventure Tour Operators can give travellers this option with the fully automated TrekTraka social media marketing system.

Kaenos.com, Europe

Founded in 2012, Kaenos is an architecture and urban planning practice based in Switzerland and in Italy.   Kaenos brings to all its projects the same rigorous approach which places importance on the way buildings work, the way they are made, and the public spaces they generate. Architecture is an important tool in the construction of community, the renewal of town hearts, the way to integrate with landscapes, and in the way people engage with each other.